About Us
Established in 2009, we are total solution provider in Packaging and Industrial Automation system. our vision of supplying affordable, reliable and quality product and systems.

SCK Group is managed by highly trained and experienced professionals who have been in the field more than 10 years. We are always listen and understand customer needs and strive to provide the most cost effective and high tech solution to our clients.


Delivered our products know-how and up-to-date information to our value business partner. Share and provide total solution to our value business partner in order to automate their production for increase their productivity. Responsibility to serve our customer with our technical know-how and quality products.
  1. We Share
  2. We Plan
  3. We Do
  4. We Responsible
  5. We Maintain
  6. We Care

Being the most preferred Solution Provider in Agricultural, Packaging & Industrial Automation Segment.

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